Open the Floodgates

With the logjam of signings beginning to open up with the signing of Alex Smith at the top and a few players at the end of the first round, the signings are expected to begin popping in earnest today.

Heading into this week, there were some serious concerns that training camps around the league would open with most of the first-round rookies unsigned. Considering the Vikings have two first-rounders to concern themselves with, this issue was even more magnified.

However, Monday brought a handful of signings, including a couple that will be of importance to the Vikings. It was believed none of the top picks would sign until QB Alex Smith struck a deal with the 49ers. Now that he has -- to the tune of six years and $51 million -- it is expected to open the door for the top draft picks to sign, including Troy Williamson at No. 7.

Another signing of importance for the Vikings was the Raiders' inking of Fabian Washington -- the 23rd overall pick. Because of his proximity to Erasmus James at No. 18, it has set the market for those players in the final half of the first round.

Several people around the league have said once the first four or five players sign and set the market, the signings will come fast and furious. Look for many more to come today as the floodgates have officially been opened.

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