Allen Signed; More Deals In The Works

With KR/RB David Allen in the fold, an offer made to a WR, attention now turns toward the defense.

Filling another immediate need, the signing of free agent KR/RB David Allen could be the beginning of a whirlwind of activity in the Twin Cities, The Insiders has learned.

The Insiders had been previously informed, as reported here first, the Vikings wanted to lock up deals with Allen and defensive back Fred Vinson by Tuesday.

Talks between Vinson and the Vikings have gone well. The Insiders has learned from representatives close to both parties that a deal is not imminent, but the Vikings and Vinson could quickly come to an agreement once Vinson is ready to commit.

The ongoing saga of defensive end Keith McKenzie has taken another turn south. At the present time, the Vikings have informed the McKenzie camp that they will not increase the terms of a contract that had been previously discussed and they are looking in another direction.

Shane Burton is the direction that the Vikings have turned toward. Talks with Burton have progressed to the serious stage and an offer could be on the table tonight.

As reported earlier Tuesday, the Vikings have made a formal offer to restricted free agent wide receiver D'Wayne Bates. Talks between the two sides have continued this afternoon, with some progress made. The Insiders has learned that an offer sheet could be forwarded to Bates no later than Wednesday afternoon.

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