Williamson In

The Williamson era officially begins today, as the lesser-expected first-round pick agrees to terms.

After three days of hearing that Erasmus James would not be the last draft pick to sign, it turns out he is.

Troy Williamson has agreed to a seven-year, $32 million deal that, in realistic terms, is a five-year contract.

The deal, as explained to VU, has $13 million in "guaranteed money" -- with $11 million paid out by Aug. 1 of 2006.

While Williamson's role with the Vikings has been voiced in "baby steps" terms, the reality is that he was taken with the pick that the Raiders gave the Vikings for Randy Moss. His signing means that that he is going to be expected to play a subordinate role at first -- despite being the highest paid receiver on the team however it is added up.

The lack of an initial "in your face" signing bonus shouldn't be overlooked. Nate Burleson is now the No. 1 receiver, but won't be paid like one until he proves he can do it sans Moss. Marcus Robinson and Travis Taylor are likely fighting for the same contract a year from now.

Like it or not, Williamson finds himself in the same position Daunte Culpepper did in 1999 -- replacing a starter and the expectations of being a franchise player.

Welcome to "The Show," Troy.

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