Wes Chandler Audio: Inflated Expectations?

Vikings receivers coach Wes Chandler talked about the progress first-round draft choice Troy Williamson has made since April's selection and what kind of expectations people should have for him.

Many Vikings fans want Troy Williamson to be an instant replacement for Randy Moss. For those people, receivers coach Wes Chandler says, "Shame on you."

Chandler said it took him 15 games to figure out what the NFL was all about when he arrived on the scene with the New Orleans Saints in 1978. It was during Chandler's stay with the San Diego Chargers (1981-87) that he really made some waves in the NFL.

Hear what Chandler had to say about Williamson this week and the expectations of the rookie speedster should be. Click on the link below to listen to the Chandler interview.

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