Nelson the Next Troy Brown?

The Vikings are so shorthanded defensively to start training camp that they're taking a page from the Patriots roster shift playbook.

Coming into training camp, Ben Nelson had little chance of making the Vikings' final roster as a wide receiver. After getting nailed mid-week by Willie Offord, Nelson barely had the chance to be in uniform at all. But, taking a page from the Patriots and Troy Brown, Nelson took an about face in his preparation for the preseason.

The Vikings moved Nelson from WR to safety due to depth problems in the secondary. Whether or not the move is simply temporary or whether the team will try to make a permanent go with Nelson on the other side of the ball has yet to be seen. But, if nothing else, it gives him a new career path to explore.

* Aside from Nelson moving to safety, the Vikings were without three of their top four cornerbacks during Friday's scrimmage.
* The Vikings announced the signing of WRs Avion Black and Daryl Jones Friday.

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