Culpepper Details

The restructured deal by Daunte Culpepper clears up some of the obvious discrepancies, but may also be tied into the Vikings losing Randy Moss' hefty salary.

When Daunte Culpepper signed a 10-year, $102 million deal, a lot of fans cringed -- until they saw what inflated the deal. Among some of the "incentives" were six-figure bonuses that would kick in if Culpepper was involved in more than 50 percent of the special teams plays -- an incentive that could never and would never be met, but could give the Vikings the chance to open up extra cap space.

But, in light of deals signed by Peyton Manning and Michael Vick since, which gave each of them in the neighborhood of $35 million in guaranteed money, Culpepper's $15 million in guaranteed cash was a problem -- which is why his deal has been discussed since the end of the 2004 season.

While the basic parameters of the deal don't change much, the spreading around of the money will. For example, this season Culpepper was scheduled to earn just $3 million -- $2.5 million in a roster bonus and $540,000 in base salary. That is the kind of money that has caused problems with other contracts -- with the complaint that the player has "outperformed" the deal. Culpepper clearly did that and much of the changed language is to clear up incentives based on reaching huge individual numbers that may be more difficult to reach without Moss.

When Culpepper originally signed his deal, he was giving up top-end franchise player money because he knew he had to share with Moss. With Moss out of the way, Pep and his agent are looking for a bigger piece of the pie and the Vikings appeared willing to make sure they get it before their objections led to a holdout.

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