Up In Smoke

Almost as if he was jealous of Terrell Owens stealing his bad-boy spotlight, Randy Moss grabbed back some of the attention Thursday for all the wrong reasons.

Randy Moss has never been known for his tact. His comments in the past -- whether his classic "41-doughnut" diatribe to calling an ancient local Jewish columnist "Big Nose" -- have rarely been politically correct and often have been just plain wrong.

So it should come as no surprise that Moss grabbed headlines once again by admitting he's used marijuana since joining the NFL -- opening the door to more scrutiny.

Moss, talking with Bryant Gumbel on an HBO program that will air Tuesday, admitted that he's smoked pot in the past and, when pressed if he's smoked during the season, he didn't deny that he has.

Moss was part of the league's substance abuse program when he came into the league because of his dismissal from the Florida State program after being caught in possession of pot during spring practice, but he cycled through the program and was no longer being red-flagged by the league. That will likely change now.

Of all the moments that Moss had that brought an unfavorable light to him and the Vikings, let's start the clock on Moss as a Raider. This is one. When will the next one come? Stay tuned.

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