Red To The Rescue?

In light of the tragedy that has fallen on New Orleans, Red McCombs and San Antonio may be in the perfect position to lay down the red carpet.

The more news footage most of us see of the devastation perpetrated by Hurricane Katrina, the more our hearts go out to those who live along the Gulf Coast that have seen their lives go 10 feet underwater.

Among those affected are the New Orleans Saints, who moved their team out of the New Orleans area before the hurricane came on land and all but destroyed their home at the Superdome. With the flooding that followed and the fear that something as simple as electricity won't be available for weeks, former Vikings owner Red McCombs may have his day in the sun after all.

McCombs, who spent years before and after buying the Vikings trying to get an NFL franchise in San Antonio, could be the point man in salvaging the 2005 season by giving the Saints a place to play their home games. He has a stadium, a built-in infrastructure and, if needed, the fans to get the job done.

The Vikings and Saints played a preseason game in San Antonio, thanks to a friendship between McCombs and Saints owner Tom Benson. With some speculating that New Orleans may never come back as a city or, at best case scenario, come back as a streamlined city that loses many of its residents, the Saints may be forced to consider moving permanently out of the Big Easy. While Los Angeles may beckon in the long term, San Antonio and McCombs could be prepared to make the short-term move to give the Saints a home.

McCombs has made no bones that he wanted to bring the NFL to San Antonio. As it turns out, it may be a hurricane that gets that job accomplished.

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