Vikings On The Move

A helping of the draft, the defense, and a wide receiver on the Vikings plate today.

The next few days could help clear the smog that has been hovering around the direction the Vikings plan on going in.
Looking to add help at wide receiver, linebacker, safety, cornerback, and along the defensive line, the Vikings could be close to addressing a couple roster issues.
The Insiders has learned that the Vikings have received wide receiver D'Wayne Bates on a waiver claim.
Also, the Vikings are close to a deal with Lorenzo Bromell. Bromell has been mullling over offers from the Vikings as well as a standing offer from his present team, the Miami Dolphins. Bromell is believed to want to stay in Miami, but the offer presented by the Vikings is said to be a much better offer, The Insiders has learned. Associates close to the player believe that a decision will be made within the next 48-hours.
A couple agents have told The Insiders this afternoon that the Vikings have shown a very serious interest in cornerback Phillip Buchanon, safety Roy Williams, and defensive tackle/end John Henderson.
The second round of the draft could bring the Vikings a very good player, that could possibly make an impact in the immediate future. A source close to the Vikings tells The Insiders that the Vikings have shown more than a mild interest in wide receiver Andre Davis from Virginia Tech and offensive lineman Kendall Simmons from Auburn.

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