Wilf Close to Blaine Deal

The Vikings are expected to announce they have reached an agreement with Anoka County to build a new Vikings stadium.

The stadium talk around Minnesota has been buzzing for months, but for Vikings owner Zygi Wilf, the talk hasn't been complete enough.

With the potential for the governor to call a special session of the State Legislature, one of the items that would likely be handled as part of it would be discussion on a new Gophers stadium and a potential final vote on a new Twins stadium already approved by local officials.

But absent from those talks has been discussion of a new Vikings stadium. At first, legislative leaders said there wasn't much of a reason to discuss a Vikings stadium, because there wasn't much of a need for it, because there wasn't even a concept plan in place. Expect that could change.

VU has been told that Wilf plans to announce that an agreement has been reached with Anoka County to eventually build a stadium north of Anoka. No timetable is currently being set as to when construction could start or when the Vikings could take occupancy. However, Wilf has pledged to kick in $250 million to get the stadium built.

If the language of the agreement can be finalized in time, if a special session is called later this month or in October, the Vikings might finally get themselves into political debate to get their stadium deal off the ground.

* Kevin Williams will make a court appearance this week after being charged with fifth-degree domestic assault following an Aug. 28 incident in which his wife called 911. The police report states that Williams' wife was found with blood on her shirt when officers arrived and that Williams had been drinking. The charge is a misdemeanor and, even if found guilty, Williams likely wouldn't face potential penalties from the league. Williams denies the charges and plans to plead not guilty, which could move the case for trial. Williams didn't comment on the matter Friday.
* Mille Lacs County officials are trying to rescind a judge's decision to reduce sexual assault charges against former Viking Ted Brown. Brown was scheduled for trial this month, but the judge brokered a plea agreement that has angered the alleged victim in the case as well as local prosecutors.

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