McKinnie, Johnson Arrested

Two Vikings offensive linemen were arrested early this morning in a scuffle outside a gas station in Minneapolis.

Two Vikings spent the wee hours of this morning getting booked on misdemeanor charges of distrurbing the peace and obstruction of the legal process following a scuffle at a gas station.

Bryant McKinnie and Marcus Johnson were both booked, paid bail and released at about 4 a.m. following an altercation with each other and police that arrived on the scene, who told them to break it up.

There are few details on the specifics of what happened to start the confrontation, but VU will follow up on it when details become available.

* As if Johnson didn't have enough problems, coach Mike Tice said after the game that the five offensive linemen that started Sunday may well not be the five that start when the team returns from its bye week. Johnson was replaced twice in the game -- in the first half by Anthony Herrera and the second half by Adam Goldberg. Tice didn't have much in the way positive reviews for any of the three of them. Also, Melvin Fowler has been getting more time with the first unit at center.
* Just when you thought Tice wouldn't mention tickets again, he killed several birds with one stone. Tice was baited by a couple of reporters who claimed the team intentionally introduced the defensive starters to avoid the potential for Daunte Culpepper to be booed during introductions. Tice said it wasn't true -- ripping the P.A. announcer for the stupid process of introducing players by their first name and having the fans yell his last name, a process that has never worked out well here. He followed it up by ripping listeners of the Vikings flagship radio station KFAN, saying, "I don't think the quarterback would have heard it from the fans -- only the KFAN fans and most of those people can't afford a ticket."

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