VU Mock Draft: Round Two, Version 2.0

While many teams opt for the best athlete available in the first round, the second round can be a time to fill a need. With that, here is how the second round could fall.


2002 NFL


OVERVIEW: Unlike the first round of the draft, where teams may bypass their primary needs to take the best athlete on the table when they go on the clock, the second round is historically more in tune with the positions a team actually needs the most.

This is where the teams that let a wide receiver or cornerback slide will take the plunge on a lesser talent to give them a combined first two rounds of a pair of potential starters. While not given the attention the first round gets, the second round of a draft can often make or break the draft for a given club and, seeing that a Pro Bowler like Kendrell Bell and Anthony Thomas came out of the second round, its importance should not be underestimated.

As for the Vikings, depending on whether they went offensive line or defense in the first round, there are many options available in the second round. However, if a left tackle wasn’t available at No. 7, the team almost has to commit to taking an OT in this spot.

Pos. Team 2001 Record Opp. Record Opp. Pct.    
1. Houston 0-0    
DeShaun Foster, RB, UCLA — The Texans would love to see William Green slide into this area but, with a solid offensive line in place and a QB under contract, getting a RB to push James Allen in his first year and take over later is a must. If not for the number of defensive studs in this year's draft, Foster wouldn't be available here in the average draft, so getting this position filled now is a good idea.
2. Carolina 1-15 147-109 .574    
Clinton Portis, RB, Miami — Lamar Smith isn't a long-term answer and Portis is an ideal change-of-pace back that can provide the flashy long runs Tshimanga Biakabutuka was supposed to give the Panthers until injuries ruined what could have been a Pro Bowl career.
3. Detroit 2-14 149-107 .582    
Bryan Thomas, DE, Alabama-Birmingham — The Lions work to improve their porous defense by bringing in a pass rusher who can help out a team that had little to no disruptive influence up front last season.
4. Buffalo 3-13 136-120 .531
Patrick Ramsey, QB, Tulane — If the Bills made the move to pass on Joey Harrington in the first round, this turned out to be quite a nice consolation prize.
5. Dallas 5-11 128-128 .500
Reche Caldwell, WR, Florida — Both Joey Galloway and Raghib Ismail are over 30 and, with the deep crop of talented young receivers in this year's draft, the Cowboys benefit from teams being willing to wait to fill the position.
6. Minnesota 5-11 134-122 .532
Marco Colombo, OT, Boston College — Minnesota absolutely has to get a left tackle and, while it would have preferred getting a can't-miss prospect like Bryant MicKinnie or Mike Williams, Colombo is the next best thing to fill the team's primary need.
7. San Diego 5-11 124-132 .484
Kendall Simmons, G/OT, Auburn — The Chargers may go in a different direction here, but adding a young guard to go with McKinnie gives the Chargers instant credibility on an offense centered around LaDainian Tomlinson and soon to be centered around him and young QB Drew Brees.
8. Jacksonville 6-10 134-122 .531
Terrence Metcalf, OT, Mississippi — The Jags have to replace Tony Boselli, a huge void that has been missing the last couple of seasons due to the injury. It's no coincidence that, when he's been out of the lineup, so has the success rate of the Jags.
9. Cincinnati 6-10 136-120 .531
Derek Ross, CB, Ohio State — The Bengals will be ecstatic if this pick falls to them. By taking Harrington in the first round, they passed on Phillip Buchanon, who most had rated as the No. 2 CB in the draft. There are some who think Ross is No. 3 and, to keep an Ohio corner in the state and the successful track record of OSU CB's, the Bengals have to be pleased with the way things turned out.
10. Indianapolis 6-10 144-112 .563
Eddie Freeman, DT, Alabama-Birmingham — It may have been difficult to convince Tony Dungy to go away from one of the top defensive tackles in the first round instead of taking Buchanon, but while Freeman may be viewed as a reach by many scouts, he's just the type of guy Dungy has been famous for molding and getting the best out of.
11. Kansas City 6-10 132-124 .516
Javon Walker, WR, Florida State — While many had the Chiefs taking a wideout in the first round, by waiting they were able to get a game-changing DT and still come away with a solid WR that many view as a first-round talent.
12. New Orleans 7-9 127-129 .496
Alex Brown, DE, Florida — Having addressed wide receiver and offensive tackle in the first round, the Saints now find a player that can help in the process of trying to replace Joe Johnson — another tall order for the new-look Saints.
13. Tennessee 7-9 133-123 .520
Lamont Thompson, S, Washington State — Helping replace Blaine Bishop is a defensive priority, especially considering that the Titans are in a division with deep hitters like Marvin Harrison and Jimmy Smith. A lack of production here could be dangerous for a team trying to reclaim Super Bowl form.
14. New York Giants 7-9 127-129 ..520
Saleem Rasheed, LB, Alabama — Jessie Armstead will be almost impossible to replace, but Rasheed will be the first step in that long and arduous process.
15. Cleveland 7-9 136-120 .531
Fred Weary, G, Tennessee — This may be a stretch, but, with the Browns using much of their free agent money again this year to solidify the defense, it wouldn't be a surprise at all to see the draft this year used to plug in holes in the offense to make the them a more complete team and potentially a playoff contender.
16. San Diego (from Atlanta) 5-11 124-132 .484
Mike Rumph, CB, Miami — The Michael Vick bonanza continues as the Chargers made the most of their trade last year — getting LaDainian Tomlinson (the player they wanted anyway at No. 1), Drew Brees (the QB they wanted) and now a talented cover corner in Rumph. All in all, the Chargers have to be pretty happy with how things have turned out. Mike Rumph, CB, Miami The Michael Vick bonanza continues as the Chargers made the most of their trade last year — getting LaDainian Tomlinson (the player they wanted anyway at No. 1), Drew Brees (the QB they wanted) and now a talented cover corner in Rumph. All in all, the Chargers have to be pretty happy with how things have turned out.
17. Arizona 7-9 114-142 .445
Ryan Denney, DE, Brigham Young — The attempt to build the defensive front continues by adding a big defensive end to go along with a massive DT in Wendall Bryant as the Cardinals gear up for the new competition in the NFC West.
18. Houston 0-0    
Robert Thomas, LB, UCLA — The first of the Texans' mid-round picks. Even though they signed Kailee Wong as a linebacker, Thomas is the top-rated inside linebacker in the draft and a perfect fit in the 3-4 defensive alignment of the Texans.
19. Denver 8-8 125-131 .488
Andre Davis, WR, Virginia Tech — The Broncos need depth behind Rod Smith and Ed McCaffrey that isn't in the well-travel fossil category like Andre Reed was, Eddie Kennison wasn't and Rob Moore is hoped to be. With none of them getting any younger and lingering questions about whether McCaffrey will come back at 100 percent, getting an impact young receiver should help, even though the Broncos have had trouble trying to fill this role in the past.
20. Washington 8-8 121-135 .473
Kurt Kittner, QB, Illinois — If the Redskins are serious about starting Danny Woeful, a guy like Kittner could be in the lineup sooner than later.
21. Oakland (from TB) 9-7 137-119 .535
Larry Triplett, DT, Washington — The Raiders need to do something to replace Darrell Russell and, while all the top DTs were long gone before the Raiders picked in the first round, Triplett can give them a nose tackle presence with this pick. He's a boom-bust player, but Al Davis never shies away from them and he can start out behind Jon Parella and develop in 2002.
22. Seattle 9-7 116-140 .453
Dorsett Davis, DT, Mississippi State — The Seahawks know that John Randle is probably playing his last season with the team and will need to have a replacement ready, whether it's Davis or someone they already have on the roster. He has better size than Randle, but can learn from his this year.
23. Oakland 10-6 120-136 .469
Jerramy Stevens, TE, Washington — A second straight Husky for the Raiders, there was no need to take Stevens at 21 since the Seahawks already had a TE in the first round. Roland Williams was serviceable, but, ever since Rickey Dudley tanked, an important facet of the Oakland offense has been missing.
24. Baltimore 10-6 131-125 .512
Jon McGraw, S, Kansas State — The rebuilding continues for the Ravens, who need a replacement for Rod Woodson to keep the defense from taking a big step backward this season. With plenty of needs on both sides of the ball, McGraw is likely the highest rated player for his position available with this premium pick to fill the problems of the Ravens.
25. New York Jets 10-6 131-125 .512
Tank Williams, S, Stanford — The Jets continue to try to replenish a secondary that was ravaged in free agency and the expansion draft. Williams is a boom or bust player who will likely have an advantage playing for a former d-back in Herm Edwards, and these surroundings could be perfect for a guy who has slipped on many draft boards for being talented but soft.
26. Philadelphia 11-5 124-132 .484
LeCharles Bentley, C, Ohio State — While most of us who saw Hank Fraley thought he did a pretty good job as a backup-turned-starter in Philly last year, the Eagles have done nothing but complain they need to upgrade at the position. How better to do that than draft the top-rated center in the Class of 2002. Bentley is a tremendous center who can give the Eagles a solid starter for years to come.
27. Philadelphia (from Miami) 11-5 124-132 .484
Marquis Walker, WR, Michigan — The Eagles make a second consecutive pick thanks to the Dolphins and, while some think they will chase after a RB or a run-stopping nose tackle here, the top level talent of both of those areas cleared out at this level and Walker becomes a natural selection. He reminds many observers of another former Big 10 WR who made an immediate splash with the Eagles — Cris Carter of Ohio State — for his physical skills, not his off-field antics.
28. Green Bay 12-4 111-145 .434
Michael Lewis, S, Colorado — LeRoy Butler is nearing the end of the line and, with one of the league's best cornerback units already in place, keeping the entire secondary solid is a must. Lewis can be an excellent heir apparent for Butler and a situational player right away.
29. San Francisco 12-4 119-137 .465
Keyuo Craver, CB, Nebraska — Some people see Craver as a potential first-round pick, but, with team needs sending others in different directions, his slide is a blessing for the 49ers, who are drafting more for depth than glaring need.
30. Pittsburgh 13-3 107 149 .418
Raonall Smith, LB, Washington State — Does Bill Cowher ever miss when drafting a linebacker in the second round? Not very often. He finds guys who will fit his system and takes them and is almost always correct in his assessment. Those knowledgeable around the Steelers situation think Bill Cowher might lean toward Kansas State's Ben Leber, but Smith grades out higher in most categories, which would make that decision a little tougher to swallow.
31. Chicago 13-3 119-137 .465
Matt Schobel, TE, Texas Christian — The tight end position was a vacuous hole in the Bears offense and, with active receivers like Marty Booker and David Terrell and a power running game fueled by the A-Train, getting production out of the TE spot could give the Bears a much more complete offense than the more one-dimensional game they were forced to play last year.
32. St. Louis 14-2 121-135 .473
LeVar Fisher, LB, North Carolina State — With depth depleted at the LB ranks somewhat in free agency, Mike Martz doesn't want to see a dropoff in the production that the rookies provided the Rams D last year. Because so many starting jobs appear set, he could go in several directions, but Fisher could be a nice addition to a LB corps that is going through an overhaul on the fly.
33. New England 11-5 115-141 .449
Tim Carter, WR, Auburn — Many thought the Pats would take a wideout in the first round, but Carter can be a nice complement to Troy Brown and David Patten and, if he has a nice training camp, could push for playing time immediately.

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