Vikes Not In Trotter Mode

Tuesday some national reporters highly respected by VU said the Vikes are in the running for LB Jeremiah Trotter. According to the source, the answer is "No."

It's amazing how rumors get started.

When Jeremiah Trotter got released by the Eagles, the Vikings were one of the teams that immediately sprung to mind as a team that might have an interest.

After all, how many teams could meet his outrageous demands of $5 million a year for a long-term contract.

So, imagine our surprise when not one but several national sources said the Vikes were one of the teams in the Trotter sweepstakes. Coming from names that have talked with VU at length about the future of the team in the post-Green era, it comes as a surprise when, armed with the facts from interviews with Mike Tice that such stories would find legs.

Would the Vikings like to have Trotter? Yes. Are they interested in Trotter? Yes. Will they pay him $5 million a year? No. More precise -- hell no.

While the Vikes are prepping for Saturday's draft, it appears Trotter's agent is trying to create a bidding war for the teams, including expansion Houston with money still to spend, that the Vikings are interested in a deal for Trotter. The hope is that adding another team to the mix will drive up the price.

However, VU is being told in no uncertain terms that the Vikings will not spend the kind of money Trotter is looking for, which makes any national report that the Vikes are in the running for Trotter moot at best, heinous at worst.

If he's willing to come off his price by ... oh, say... $2 million, the Vikes might be interested. But, if his demands are going to stay at $4-5 million a year, don't believe anything you read other than this -- Trotter won't wear purple at that price.

* The Vikings agreed to a one-year tender offer to CB Kenny Wright for $563,000. While it doesn't preclude the Vikes from looking at a CB in the draft, it does affirm that the team has an interest in keeping Wright and, if he's willing to sign a longer-term deal at a cap-friendly price, he could remain with the Vikings for longer than just this season.
* The agent for Mark Rypien confirmed that the Vikings are looking to add the veteran QB as a backup to Daunte Culpepper. Rypien, who played with Mike Tice in Washington, could give the Vikings the veteran QB that was missing -- and needed -- last season when Culpepper went down.
* Initial word out of Chicago is that the Bears are considering matching the offer for LB Warrick Holdman, much like they originally did for Vikes WR D'Wayne Bates. The first year of the Holdman deal is manageable under the salary cap for the Bears, but, because they also screwed up in the NFL paperwork with Holdman that they did with Bates, they would be offered no compensation. However, unlike the Vikes' offer, if the Bears match and release Holdman, the Vikings have a chance to meet the deal and sign him. The Vikes offered Holdman a one-year, $1.5 million deal to force the Bears' hand, but K.C. stepped up with a longer-term deal that would cost $4 million in the second year. The Bears might match and release Holdman before the poison pill takes hold, but Chicago has been put on notice -- do your homework or pay the price.

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