Five That Could Be Vikes

The Vikings have all kinds of options in Saturday's first round, including moving down. So VU presented five potential picks, including one in a move-down scenario, to TFY Draft Preview for their take on the five prospects.

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Bryant McKinnie, OT, Miami-Fla, 6-8, 340, 5.25, 5Sr
Junior college transfer and starter at left tackle the past two seasons. All-Conference choice as both a junior and senior and an All-American last year. Did not work out at the Combine then proceeded to run a 5.11 during individual workouts, completing only 20 repetitions on the bench press with 225 pounds. Did drill with the other offensive linemen in Indianapolis and looked effective.

Massive lineman dominant blocking for either the running or passing game. Plays with excellent forward lean, gets leverage on opponents and displays good body adjustment. Quick with his hands, possesses big mitts and powerful arm punch. Keeps the opponent in front of him, plays with balance and defeats defenders with brute force or totally engulfing them. Not light on his feet but keeps them active and displays the ability to shuffle and slide protecting the edge. Gets movement from his run blocks or anchors in pass protection not giving up an inch of ground. Not quick or explosive off the snap, only average abilities blocking on the second level and does not play with a nasty attitude. Rarely works to finish his blocks and seemingly content with controlling defenders rather than destroying them. Has the physical skills to be very good at the next level, but must develop the toughness if he wants to be great. Early First Round.

Mike Williams, OT, Texas, 6-5.5, 375, 5.21, 4Sr

Two year starter that was an All-Conference selection after his senior season. Previously used at defensive tackle and on special teams. Blind-side protector for a left handed quarterback.

Powerful lineman with a great upside to his game. Quick off the snap and setting in pass protection with the ability to immediately get out and block linebackers on the second level. Effective trap blocking and adjusts well taking out defenders. Plays with knee bend, a wide base and displays the ability to shuffle and slide his feet. Terrific blocking range and lateral agility. Moves well in space and dominant once engaged with opponents. Stays square, strong in his upper body and works his hands throughout the play. Easily controls defenders or turns them out of the play completely. Bends at the waist or ducks his head, which hurts his balance and does not always finish off blocks. To this point, a better pass blocker than run blocker but effective at both skills. May just be scratching the surface of his football skills. If he learns to use his size and natural abilities on every snap, a dominant lineman in the future. Early First Round.

Ryan Sims, DT, North Carolina, 6-4, 311, 5.09, 4Sr

Three-year starter that saw extensive action as a true freshman. All-Conference selection as a senior when he totaled 43/7.5/5. Registered 52/9/6 and 33/6/1 as a junior and sophomore respectively.

Explosive interior lineman effective defending the run or rushing the passer. Quick off the snap with a great first step, plays with forward lean, leverage and consistently keeps his pads low to the ground. Keeps his feet moving up the field and strong in his lower body. Effectively uses his hands to stay off blocks, wedges his way through the small creases and relentless in his pursuit of the action. Quick changing his angle of attack, redirects to the ball carrier and explosive moving up the field. Constantly focused on or double-teamed by opponents. Not strong in his upper body, gets locked up with opponents or engulfed at the point of attack. Usually beats opposing linemen with his first step or has difficulty beating them at all. Has the frame that could add more bulk and size as he physically matures, which will round him into a force at the next level and a line prospect with a great future. Early First Round.

Roy Williams, S, Oklahoma, 6-0, 219, 4.53, 4Jr

Three-year starter forced to sit out as a true freshman after sustaining a back injury early in the season. All-American and All-Conference choice last year as a red-shirt junior when he totaled 99/11/2/5/16. Again, All-Conference choice as a sophomore registering 93/12/4/2/10. 75 tackles his first full season in '99, when he also broke up 11 passes. Used at both strong and free safety.

Impact player effective either defending the run, covering the pass or on special teams. Plays smart football; quick reading or anticipating the action, disciplined and rarely caught out of position. Does not bite on play action or run action passes, competitive and shows a good head for the ball. Aggressive, likes to mix it up and a hard hitter that intimidates opponents. Strong defending the run, wraps up tackling and easily brings down opponents on initial contact. Displays quickness and explosion moving up the field and fluid moving laterally making plays out to the flanks. Solid as both a deep safety or when placed in man-to-man coverage. Jams receivers at the line of scrimmage and slows them up off the snap of the ball to the point where he'll halt from releasing into the play. Pursues the action with speed, quick locating the ball and constantly around the play. Effective making plays in any direction on the field and on coverage teams. Does not always show the great break on the ball or closing speed in pass coverage but gets the job done. Consistently improved as a collegian and has the abilities to impact from several positions in the defensive backfield at the next level. Early to Mid First Round.

Kalimba Edwards, DE/OLB, South Carolina, 6-5.5, 265, 4.71, 4Sr

Three-year starter used at both outside linebacker and defensive end. All-Conference selection as a senior after totaling 79/3.5/2. Junior numbers were 69/8/4 when again he was a first -team All-Conference pick. Posted 64/4/5 his initial campaign with the first unit as a sophomore. Played extensively on special teams as a freshman. Injured his knee during the 10th game last season against Florida, which caused him to miss the final two contests of the year as well as the Senior Bowl. Recently ran a 4.70 during individual workouts.

Nice sized athlete that should eventually grow into an every-down defensive lineman. Breaks down well, plays low with leverage and displays the ability to quickly redirect or adjust his body to the action. Improved his quickness off the snap as a senior, technically sound with his hands getting off blocks and smooth moving in any direction of the field. Scrapes well laterally, pursues to the action with speed and displays great range. Wraps up tackling and brings the ball carrier down on initial contact. Effectively used off the line of scrimmage in pass coverage as a senior and rarely off his feet. Lacks the strong base, slow shedding blocks and easily ridden out of his angle of attack by the opposition. Tends to take a lot of wide angles rushing up the field and slow locating the ball. Not nearly as fast or explosive compared to former Gamecock John Abraham but has more growth potential and in time could be a better run defender. Solid prospect that will improve in time. Mid First Round.

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