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New Message Board For Club Members

We can build it. We have the technology. In fact, it is here. "Club Berserker" is the new message board accessible only to <a href=";p=6&amp;c=5&amp;productId=653&amp;"> Club</a> Members.

Message boards can be very personal to each user on the Internet, especially to sports fans. Some like to spar it out with fans of opposing teams, others would rather have a private venue for Vikings fans only. If you are in the latter category, your time has arrived.

Our new "Club Berserker" message board is up and ready for your use. If you want to discuss matters with Vikings fans only, this is the place to be. Only paid Members have access to view and post messages on this new board.

What is a "Berserker?" According to Encyclopedia Mythica, "in old-Norse sagas, they were warriors who dressed themselves in bear skins, to make use of the fear common people had for wild animals. They whipped themselves up to a sort of battle frenzy, biting their shields and howling like animals. They were ferocious fighters and seemingly insensitive to pain while this madness lasted; berserks made formidable enemies. In their rage they even attacked the boulders and trees of the forest; it was not uncommon that they killed their own people. The belief in berserks can be compared with the belief in werewolves; both are magical transformations of humans who assume the shape of a kindred animal."

So, in the spirit of the Berserk Vikings fans, is pleased to bring you the Club Berserker message board, a haven for Club members to discuss Vikings football with VIKINGS FANS ONLY! Normal rules of message board etiquette apply, but, being Vikings fans, we know you’ll understand.

So have at it with your fellow Vikings fans and enjoy the fact that only club members are allowed.

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