What's the Role of Consultants?

The Vikings return to a normal work week beginning today, but will do so with a pair of extra eyes and ears on the scene. But what will be the role of the "consultants" that are hoped will right the ship?

In business, when someone brings in a consultant to look over the operation and make suggestions, more times than not, it's because there is something seriously wrong with the product in the first place.

Around the NFL, a skeptical eye has been used to judge the current state of the Vikings and their hiring of Jerry Rhome and Foge Fazio as consultants. While Rhome's role will clearly be more expansive than Fazio's, both are being asked to point out something coaches among the staff probably can't -- what is wrong with both the offense and defense.

Rhome and Fazio haven't been welcomed with open arms by everyone in the organization because clearly they are stepping on the toes of those coaches who have been through a horrid first month of the 2005 season. If their frustration isn't high enough already, having a couple of outsiders tell them what they're doing wrong and why won't make that situation any better.

Starting this week in practice, the consultants will be able to make their suggestions to Mike Tice about what changes they think should be made, what things are working and what things aren't. But the only sure bet is that these guys won't be yes men that tell Tice everything is peachy. That's not why they were brought in. The were brought here to find what is wrong, not what is right. And they will. In the process, they might step on some toes.

* The Vikings became the first team in the division that didn't move into first place or a tie for first in the division by not playing. The Lions' win put them at 2-2.
* Sunday was the first time that two NFC North teams won in the same day.

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