Vikings Draft Stats

Armed with the numbers from Vikings drafts over the years, you might have a better idea of what the team could come away with after this weekend is over.

Is it easier for a meteorologist to predict the weather six hours from now or a Vikings fan to predict what the draft picks will look like come Monday? With a peek at the Vikings' history in the draft, you might just come away with a strong feeling where Vikings GM of player personnel Frank Gilliam and his crew are coming from. With that, here is an eclectic look at the ghosts of Vikings drafts past:

* The Vikings were awarded the third compensatory pick in the draft, the 132nd pick overall. It is a fourth-round pick.

* Overall, the Vikings have the seventh choice in the first round, the sixth choice in the second round (38th overall), the fifth choice in the third round (70th overall), the seventh and 34th choices in the fourth round (105th and 132nd overall), the fifth choice in the sixth round (177th overall) and the seventh choice in the seventh round (218th overall).

* Of the 57 players on the Vikings' current roster, 37 were selected in the NFL draft and 23 of those were selected by the Vikings. All the first-rounders — Randy Moss, Daunte Culpepper, Chris Hovan and Michael Bennett — started as Vikings, but half of the second-rounders — Lance Johnstone, Corey Chavous and Kenny Mixon — were drafted by other teams.

* The lowest-round choice currently on the roster is Chris Walsh, chosen in the ninth round in 1992.

* In the history of the Vikings' 40 first-round picks, three colleges have had more first-round choices become Vikings. Ohio State, Michigan State and USC are tied with three first-rounders each.

* Eleven first-round draft choices of the Vikings have come from the Pac 10 and 10 from the Big Ten. Then it drops down to four picks or fewer from any other college conference.

* In all, the Vikings have selected 523 players in their 41 years of drafting.

* There seems to be a consensus that the Vikings will either select a defensive tackle, offensive tackle or defensive back with their seventh overall choice. Their highest overall pick at offensive tackle was Ron Yary, the No. 1 pick in the 1968 draft. Their highest overall pick at defensive tackle was Jim Dunaway, the No. 3 pick in the 1963 draft. Their highest overall pick at defensive back was Dewayne Washington, the No. 18 pick in the 1994 draft.

* Only two times have the Vikings had the seventh overall choice in the draft. In 1966 they chose defensive tackle Jerry Shay of Purdue, and in 1982 they chose running back Darrin Nelson of Stanford.

* If you are trying to figure out which position will be drafted when, consider the following from the first seven rounds of Vikings drafts past: The only round the Vikings have not drafted a QB is the fifth. The only round they have not drafted a tight end is the first. They have never drafted a punter or kicker in the first seven rounds (the draft is only seven rounds these days). History says the odds-on favorite position for a first-round draft pick by the Vikings is on the defensive line. Thirteen times they have used their first-round pick on a DL; compare that to two QBs, nine RBs, three WRs, six OL, five LBs and two DBs. While defensive linemen dominate the first round of Vikings drafts, it isn't the overall winner when all rounds are taken into consideration; in all, the Vikings have drafted 93 running backs, 83 offensive linemen, 82 defensive backs, 75 wide receivers and 73 defensive linemen.

* In the past 10 years the Vikings have drafted eight Pro Bowl players who went to 12 Pro Bowls. Five of those players were first-round choices, but none of them were drafted between rounds two and five. Quarterback Brad Johnson, drafted in the ninth round, is the latest-round draftee to make the Pro Bowl (in 1999) in the last 10 years.

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