Bears Limping In To Sunday's Game

A team has injuries on its offensive line and is going to have to shuffle its running back situation. Their quarterback is also under fire for too many interceptions. Sound familiar? Best part is that it's not the Vikings we're talking about.

The Vikings have been something of cripplers this year. Joe Horn was injured against the Vikings and hasn't played since. The same is true for Michael Vick. But, as the Bears prepare for the Vikings this Sunday, their question marks are numerous and have nothing to do with the Vikings knocking the health out of them.

The Bears, who are starting rookie QB Kyle Orton because of injury to Rex Grossman, are likely going to be forced to turn to rookie Cedric Benson at running back. Thomas Jones, who was coming off of three straight weeks with 100 yards or more rushing, has a stretched knee ligament and is expected to miss Sunday's game. In his place, rookie Cedric Benson will get his first NFL start and likely rotate with Adrian Peterson.

To complicate matters, the Bears offensive line is also a mess. Guard Ruben Brown has a torn pectoraal muscle and is likely either going to miss the game or be extremely limited, and tackle John Tait is also sidelined and will be a game-time question mark.

The Vikings have been in this situation before, facing an inexperienced quarterback on the road with a lot at stake only to lose. But with the team rested and returning some of their own walking wounded, the Bears could be finding themselves in a deep hole come Sunday.

* The Vikings are making more news this week over an incident that happened on a pair of charter boats on Lake Minnetonka last Thursday night. Approximately 15 Vikings have been implicated in the boating trip, which included strippers and allegations of sexual activity between the women and partygoers. The only name that has surfaced thusfar is that of cornerback Fred Smoot. VU obtained a police report on the incident that claims that staff on the boat were concerned for their own safety on the trip, which was shortened after concerns were raised. At one point in the report, the word "alleged" was used three times in the space of two sentences -- clearly showing that there is going to be a lot of "he said, she said" type of arguments involved. VU will follow this story, but until players involved are named, we're not going to speculate as to who was involved and what level their involvement was. The matter has been turned over to investigators to see if any criminal charges are going to be filed.
* In a short statement released by the team on the incident, the Vikings have said the following: "The organization has been made aware of allegations involving our players and we take these allegations very seriously. We are working diligently to gather as many facts as possible. At this time, we have no further comment."

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