Second-Round Targets?

Vikings head coach Mike Tice gave some indication as to which positions the Vikings could be targeting in the second round.

As the second half of the first round moved on, Vikings head coach Mike Tice made another appearance to media downstairs. It gave some insight into whom the Vikings may select.

In fact, Tice indicated three positions where the pick will likely play — wide receiver, safety or defensive tackle.

What is surprising about a couple of those positions is that Tice also said there wasn't a nose tackle left on the board whom he projected to come in and start immediately. In fact, that is why he said the Vikings were going after Ryan Sims when the Dallas/Kansas City trade appeared to take longer than the allotted 15 minutes — they felt there were some offensive tackles they could acquire in the second round who would have been able to start, while they weren't sure about that same scenario at nose tackle.

What makes the wide receiver comment interesting is that Tice also said that since 1997 only two wide receivers taken in the first round amassed 1,000 yards in their rookie season. That is another reason the Vikings didn't want to listen closely to a few offers made to trade for their No. 7 overall pick.

That leaves safety as the third position Tice is targeting in the second round. Currently, the Vikings only have Don Morgan, Tyrone Carter and Brian Russell at safety on their roster.

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