Offord Analysis

The Vikings selected strong safety Willie Offord far ahead of where some of the experts thought he should have gone. So, here is what the "experts" had to say about Offord.

Positives: Well-developed play-maker with a keen sense when diagnosing the plays…Shows good quickness closing on the ball to make the play…Accelerates sharply in the open, displaying fluid hip turn in zone coverage…Very aggressive in run support, staying low to extend and wrap tackle…Can be punishing, at times, with his hitting ability…Uses his hands well to jam the receiver and disrupt the pass routes…Takes advantage of his power to jump all over the opponent, trying to strip the runner from the ball…Makes perfect timing jumps to get a piece of the ball…Stays up on his feet to force the receiver back while delivering the tackle.

Negatives: More of a knock-down type, rather than an interceptor, due to suspect hands…His penchant for "body catching" could be the reason for a lack of interception opportunities…While effective covering in the zone, the team does not utilize that type of defense to get a proper read on his abilities there.

Pro Football Weekly
Positives: A big, physical safety who will often play more like a linebacker in a defensive scheme where he is stationed up in the box. Has improved and has become more active in coverage. Should be a very good special-teams player.

Negatives: Still needs work in coverage, especially on turning and going back on the ball. Can be inconsistent. Does not always wrap up when he tackles and will miss a few. At times, gets himself in bad positions. I have also seen him turn his back on some plays when he is trying to make the tackle.

Summary: In-the-box type. Still not where teams want but has improved a lot.

THE GOOD: Run stuffing safety effective on coverage teams. Aggressive, works to defend the run and gives top effort. Displays adequate range possessing a closing burst of speed bearing down on the ball carrier and wraps up tackling.

THE BAD: As his stats would dictate not effective covering the pass; lacks the fluid and smooth back pedal, misjudges the ball and indecisive. Minimal skills in man-to-man situations and slow reacting to the action.

THE SKINNY: Sized well for a strong safety and a solid athlete. Late Sixth Round.

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