Tagliabue Meets With Wilf

Earlier this year, Zygi Wilf spent his own money to repair the Vikings boat in front of Winter Park. Now Commissioner Paul Tagliabue is telling him to repair his team ship.

The Vikings have become something of a laughingstock around the NFL with their boat show on Oct. 6. Apparently the league isn't taking the matter lying down.

Commissioner Paul Tagliabue flew to Chicago to meet with Zygi Wilf Sunday morning and, as part of that meeting, the Vikings have hired former FBI agent Dag Sohlberg to be their new director of security.

Sohlberg is on loan from the league and it is hoped that he will help give the organization some added punch in the front office and help maintain some order that some see as lacking in the Vikings.

VU has been told that the meeting will likely also generate a hierarchy within the team of officers that will wield power from within to handle situations if they arise in the future. The Vikings currently have a shared power structure that leaves some cracks in which issues can fall between.

If any message came of Sunday's meeting between Wilf and the commissioner, it's that the NFL is taking the boat matter extremely seriously and that excuses won't cut it.

* Despite falling to 1-4, thanks to a Lions loss, the Vikings remain just one game out of first place in the NFC North.
* The Vikings have denied that they intended to use a 3-4 alignment -- the system used by defensive coordinator Ted Cottrell every other place he's been -- but it was unveiled as a staple Sunday. Pat Williams played at nose tackle and had seven tackles and a forced fumble -- as well as a fumble recovery that was negated by a penalty.
* The NFL trade deadline is tomorrow, and, while rumors persist that Michael Bennett could be headed to the Cardinals, nothing has been finalized or discussed in that regard. Bennett had three carries for eight yards Sunday.

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