Brian Williams Analysis

What are the experts saying about North Carolina State defensive back Brian Williams? Find out here.

A very versatile athlete, Williams has the physical skills to be a safety in the NFL, while also possessing the overall talent to generate interest in him as a cornerback … Williams is strong, athletic, and is the ultimate team player. He works terribly hard, and is willing to help wherever his skills are needed most. He also brings some special teams expertise, blocking five punts in his career in Raleigh. With his versatility, and the necessary physical skills to play both CB and safety at the pro level, a starting position should open up for Williams in the NFL.

Positives: Well-built, tough, durable and hard-hitting player who has also excelled on special teams during his career. Plays with heart and spirit and enjoys the game. As a corner, he is effective when playing bump-and-run and can be effective in a zone. Has enough size and more than enough toughness to move inside. Versatile. Can player anywhere in the secondary in the right schemes.

Negatives: Lacks great pure speed for a cornerback. Will struggle at times with man-on-man coverage when he is backed off. Does not always flip his hips and come out of his pedal as fluidly as scouts would like. At times will lose a step in transition. Will lose his footing at times, and any time a cornerback or deep safety gets off balance or falls down, a disaster could occur.

Summary: A good, tough, versatile football player.

THE GOOD: Solid and versatile defensive back that makes a lot of positive plays. Fluid off the line turning to run with opponents, feisty and works to get a hand in to defend the pass. Uses his body to box out receivers, quick locating the pass in the air and turning back to the ball. Cognizant, alert and knows where the opponent is on the field. Gives top effort against screenplays and works to defend the run. Moves well laterally and to his credit, rarely makes mental mistakes.

THE BAD: Production numbers against the pass have never been anything to write home about. Does get beaten deep by opponents and has difficulty staying down field with only average wide outs.

THE SKINNY: At face value a free agent but when breaking him down on film you cannot help but notice his feel for the position and the way he works to make something positive happen. Prior special teams production coupled with his innate cover skills should help him find his way onto a roster next year. Late Fourth Round.

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