Vikings Fight Back

The Vikings have been bashed and battered for the bye week boat debacle. Now they're started to fight back.

You knew it would only be a matter of time before the Vikings came out swinging in defense of their players that weren't deeply involved in the scandal that has caught up the country.

That day was Thursday, as coach Mike Tice and team management came out in defense of themselves and went on the offensive. Tice, who has cut short press meetings earlier in the week due to the nature of the questioning, said that a "select few" players were actually involved in the lewd activities and that it makes everyone associated with the team "look like bums." He said that disciplinary action is likely to be handed down to those most directly involved.

At the same time, Vikings management has accused the local FOX affiliate of tabloid journalism by doing ambush style interviews with everyone from Wilf at a speaking engagement in St. Cloud to the longtime team secretary.

It would appear that the time of the Vikings being mum on the boat issue are over and they're tired of the way they're being treated. However, if the team had been this forthcoming a week ago, perhaps all of this could have been avoided.

* From the "I'm As Mad As Hell and I'm Not Going to Take It Anymore" Department comes this: Fred Smoot said Thursday that he's not going to speak to the Twin Cities media for the rest of his time in Minnesota. Keep in mind when he said that, he was speaking to the Twin Cities media. Perhaps he should have said, "I'm not talking...starting now."
* The Vikings look to be as healthy as they've been all year. Newly acquired guard Toniu Fonoti is out and LB Dontarrious Thomas is quartionable with a shoulder injury, but the other four players on the injury report -- Nate Burleson, Brian Williams, Moe Williams and Spencer Johnson -- are all listed as probable with knee injuries.
* The Packers are a different story, but they may be masking the intent to play of some of their top offensive stars. LB Na'il Diggs is out, but four others, including RB Ahman Green and TE Bubba Franks, are expected to play.
* Tice said he expects to lean on safety Darren Sharper's expertise with the Packers offense and defense. At his press conference Thursday, Tice said, "I asked him if anything pops up (about the Packers) to jot it down. He handed me four pages of notes -- hand written. He's got some good thoughts. They're more personnel things than anything. He's breaking down the personnel things for us." He added that his knowledge of the defense is likely going to be dated because the Packers have a new defensive coordinator.

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