Explanations on Comeback Vary

The Vikings are trying to explain how they could come back from a 17-0 deficit and look so good in the second half Sunday against Green Bay.

A day after rallying from a 17-point halftime deficit to defeat the Green Bay Packers 23-20, Vikings coaches and players attempted to explain why an offense that had looked bad for so long suddenly began clicking.

Offensive coordinator Steve Loney said there were no halftime adjustments made, and pointed to execution coupled with the elimination of mistakes as key reasons for the quick turnaround.

"I think the only difference the first half to the second half was the fact we didn't shoot ourselves in the foot and we made some plays," Loney said.

The Vikings entered the third quarter Sunday having failed to score a touchdown in 20 consecutive possessions over six quarters. But that ended when Daunte Culpepper connected with Marcus Robinson on a 27-yard scoring strike.

Minnesota's five second-half possessions went like this: field goal, touchdown, field goal, touchdown, field goal.

"It's really hard to say," tight end Jermaine Wiggins said of the turnaround. "We had some opportunities in the first half and we just didn't take advantage of it. We got down 17, and then I don't know what it is. But when the light switch is on, I guess you just got to keep it on.

"We can't do the things that have been killing us in the past and that's mistakes, turnovers, penalties. Those things we just have to stay focused, and hopefully I think this win we'll realize and say, ‘Hey, if we do stay focused and we do those things that don't kill us as far as jumping off-sides and all the other nonsense, if we do them the right way, look at what it does for us.' So I think, hopefully, that will do this for us."

After being called for eight offensive penalties against Chicago, the Vikings were called for only one Sunday. Culpepper did not throw an interception for only the second time this season.

"The whole team and the staff, what I was most proud of, was they didn't let anything rattle them," coach Mike Tice said. "When something went wrong, they hung in there and they didn't let it rattle (them). That's something maybe that we haven't done very well this season, is let the bad things rattle us. I didn't see that (Sunday)."


  • Coach Mike Tice apologized Monday, a day after expressing his displeasure with those sitting in the booth of vice president of football operations Rob Brzezinski. Tice's anger stemmed from Brzezinski and owner Zygi Wilf — probably not the best guy to be taking a shot at when you're 2-4 — both loudly calling for Tice to use a timeout late in the fourth quarter as Green Bay took 30 seconds off the clock before Ryan Longwell hit a game-tying field goal. Brzezinski's box is located adjacent to the Vikings' coaches booth. The Vikings, instead, used the timeout after they got the ball back and shortly before Paul Edinger hit a 56-yard game-winning field goal.

    Here was Tice right after the game: "Coaches coach. Trainers train, players play. Equipment managers manage equipment. And vice presidents should vice president their departments and let us do our jobs on the field."

    Here was Tice's comment Monday: "I took a shot at a couple of my guys. Everybody wants to win and everybody wants to do well. Then when you get emotional, one thing you don't want to do is get sensitive. Maybe I was a little sensitive because taking a shot at a couple of your own guys is not the thing to do. Hopefully, they'll forgive me, because I know they've got my back and everything like that. Sometimes it's such an emotional game that you have to keep your emotions in check."

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