Delhomme Recovering After Big Hit

Jake Delhomme insists he wasn't knocked out after a big hit two weeks ago against Detroit. The Carolina QB has been having an erratic season so far, but the Panthers are still winning.

Contrary to his teammates who said otherwise, Carolina Panthers quarterback Jake Delhomme said he was not knocked unconscious on hit by Kenoy Kennedy of the Detroit Lions on Oct. 16.

"I was fine," Delhomme said. "A little woozy for about five minutes, a little confused. Once we got to the sideline and I sat down, I was able to spit back to the doctor what plays we ran and exactly what had just happened. I was able to recall the plays and stuff like that. For a second there, things moved a little slow."

Delhomme said he did not suffer a concussion and will be ready for Minnesota on Oct. 30.

"I was fine after the game," Delhomme said. "I remembered every play. I had an appetite. No headache. It was just a good hit."

Delhomme said he has not had any side effects since the hit.

Delhomme said he remembers everything, even a fan running onto the field and directly by him.

"The only time I got confused is when the guy ran onto the field," Delhomme said. "He jumped over my shoulder. Came out of the stands and jumped right over my shoulder. At that point I thought, `Wait a minute, am I messed up here?' But someone said, ‘No, there's really someone running out onto the field.' "

Delhomme said he simply wasn't expecting the hit because he had started his slide.

But he admitted he probably started the slide way too late.

"You're not expecting to get hit," he said. "I don't know if I slid too close to him and he took off before I went down. But it was more my head hitting the turf. I think that was the biggest thing after watching the replay."

Despite throwing three interceptions, two of which were returned for touchdowns, Delhomme wasn't dwelling on his performance against the Lions. He also threw two touchdown passes.

"There were a couple of throws I'd like to have back. Other than that, we did some good things. It's just that we gave them some opportunities. That's the frustrating part. On the flip side, we're 4-2, so that's a positive thing. But we can get better. There are things we need to work on and improve on."

Delhomme said he was extremely happy for backup Chris Weinke, who led the Panthers to the winning touchdown.

"That's great. What he did was awesome, coming in and leading the team down the field for a win," Delhomme said. "He's been great. That's the thing. When you get along with somebody and you see how hard they work, you care about them and you truly pull for them. I was happy. I remember one time when I got into a game in New Orleans. We had a lead, but still the second half went extremely well for me. It's a validation of all the hard work you have put in. He made the most of it, and that was awesome."

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