Stringer Case Remains Contentious

The family of Korey Stringer and the Vikings continue to battle in the courts, as papers for both sides have been filed as the future of the case nears a head.

While the last few weeks of Vikings news has been dominated by the NFL draft, the reality of last Aug. 1 still hangs heavy in the air for many at Winter Park.

On the same day as the first phase of the Vikings' voluntary developmental camp completed, the Vikings and the family of Korey Stringer continued their legal wrangling concerning the tragic events of July 31-Aug. 1.

Just as Sept. 11 has a significance of its own for Americans and the rest of the world, Aug. 1 has a significance for the Vikings organization and their fans. It was in the early hours of Aug. 1 that Korey Stringer died of complications of heat stroke from sweltering practice sessions in Mankato. The legal battle that has ensued took another step forward Wednesday.

Following the submission of court papers by the Vikings asking that the family's $100 million lawsuit be dismissed, the Stringer family filed papers claiming emotional distress and invasion of privacy concerning the events that led to Big K's death and the Vikings reaction since that point.

While many of us attempt to look to the future, the past can't be ignored and Stringer's death remains a tragedy that may never have a full explanation or closure.

No timetable has been set for the ruling on the Vikings motion to dismiss or the family's latest contentions, but this is a story that will likely continue into the 2002 season and is something that won't go away -- whether Vikings officials or fans want to forget or remember what happened Aug. 1.

THURSDAY NOTES * DE Lorenzo Bromell suffered a dislocated thumb in Wednesday's developmental practice. While not viewed as serious, X-rays were taken. Bromell isn't expected to miss any time as a result of the injury.
* A visitor to the final full day of veteran developmental camp was WR Sean Dawkins. He is topping a short list of players the Vikings are looking at for a potential starting job at wide receiver.
* This weekend's camp portion for rookies could be a great chance for Chad Beasley to make a name for himself in a battle for a spot on the defensive line. With Shawn Worthen, Willie Howard and Jeff Hazuga guaranteed to miss the sessions with injuries, Beasley can expect to get plenty of looks in the interim.
* Gary Anderson's future with the Vikings will likely be decided early next week. Anderson met with Mike Tice to discuss his future and, if the Vikes can't get a long snapper out of the regular position players, Anderson won't be able to be retained. One name that keeps popping up as a potential replacement is Doug Brien, who has the same agent as Anderson. While Tice is doing what he can to keep Anderson, if the roster spot comes down to a long-snapper and one kicker, Anderson will be forced to step aside, since he can't handle NFL kicking duties on a regular basis. However, Tice is holding out hope out of respect for Anderson, who he sees as a first-ballot Hall of Famer.

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