Moss Mad...But Not With Vikes

When Randy Moss came to the Vikings, he had a chip on his shoulder. You saw the results. Now it looks like the chip is back.

Randy Moss is what John Madden refers to as a "field tilter" -- a player who can change the outcome of a game on two or three plays.

While it hasn't been widely publicized, Moss has been taking part in the team's off-season program at Winter Park and trying to exude a leadership role that was lacking before the death of Korey Stringer and forced upon him the morning after Big K passed on.

Aside from losing bocce ball tournaments to trainer Fred Zamberletti at Winter Park, Moss has regained the chip on his shoulder that he brought into the NFL.

When Moss joined the league, he wasn't invited to New York for the draft because of perceived off-field problems and 19 teams (Cincinnati twice) passed on him before he fell to the Vikings. He came into the league convinced he should have been the No. 1 pick and harbored resentment for every team that passed on him, especially Dallas and Tennessee (the Titans took a wide receiver in Kevin Dyson).

The feeling around Winter Park from those there on a daily basis is that Moss has regained the fire he brought into the league and is ready to rebound from what many consider an off-year last season -- by the Moss standard that was set his first three years.

Those inside the team are telling VU that the snub from the Pro Bowl last year, which is predominantly determined by coaches and players, has not set well with Moss. While his numbers were better than backup WRs named to the NFC Pro Bowl team, it was perception more than numbers that left Moss off the trip to Honolulu -- where he has re-written the record books against the best corners the AFC could offer.

While some felt Moss would get soft after signing a big contract and did his part to give his critics some ammunition, he is sending all of the signals that he is prepared to reclaim his spot as the best wide receiver in the NFL and, if history has taught us anything, if Moss is pissed off, don't doubt him.

* One name that has surfaced as a potential free agent signing is Baltimore nose tackle Sam Adams. However, VU has been told by a source close to Brian Billick that after June 1, when the Ravens can commit more money to the current team, Adams is their top priority and probably will return to Baltimore.
* In wide receiver news, Terance Mathis continues to work out in Atlanta without a deal -- convinced he will latch on with a team after June 1 when more money is available to sign free agents. Former Saints WR Willie Jackson, who worked out with the Vikings in March, is scheduled to meet with the 49ers this week.
* Victor Green, the former Jets safety, is scheduled at Winter Park this week, but VU has been told that if he has his way, he will be reunited with former Jets D.C. Bill Belichick in New England -- unless someone like the Vikings backs up the money truck to change his mind.

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