Tylski Key to OL Shakeup

As a man intimately familiar with the Vikes offensive line, Rich Tylski could hold the key to Mike Tice's plans for changes on OL next season.

Some around the Vikings war room draft weekend were curious about how much Mike Tice was discussing Lewis Kelly as a potential starter. Tice said the Vikings hadn't been active in offensive tackle market in free agency and didn't re-sign Brad Badger for league minimum because he was convinced Kelly could handle left tackle if needed.

When the Vikes drafted Bryant McKinnie, many of those same observers thought Tice was blowing smoke. We may be seeing round two of the Kelly Files playing itself out over the next week.

The Vikings are interested in trying to lock up guard Rich Tylski to a two-year contract. If so, he would likely be plugged in as a starting guard with Dave Dixon. If not, however, Kelly could emerge as a starter anyway -- on the right side.

Tice is still interested in finding a spot for Kelly in the starting lineup. The plan, if Tylski isn't signed would be to move Chris Liwienski from RT to LG, where he was slated to play last year before the death of Korey Stringer, and move Kelly to right tackle.

However, that could change if Tylski is signed and leave Kelly as the player Tice loves who still has to wait his turn to make a splash in the offense.

* The wide receiver talks continue, as the Vikings looked more certain than ever to get a veteran WR after June 1. The question will be whether the competition at wide receiver with other teams will alter the Vikings' plans. Rumors continue to circulate that the Vikings may pursue a trade with Kansas City to get Derrick Alexander, but the chances of Keenan McCardell staying in Jacksonville have all but evaporated, since the Chiefs have starting talks with Michael Westbrook. While the Vikings like McCardell as well, there could easily be a bidding war for his services among several teams and the Vikings are committed not to overspend for a veteran. So, what could that lead to? A dark horse candidate like Green Bay's Antonio Freeman slipping into the mix. The fun never ends for the Vikings now that they have finally become free agency players.

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