Boat Scandal Goes to Prosecutor

The initial investigation into the October Vikings boat scandal has been completed and the case has been turned over by detectives to local prosecutors for evaluation and potential charges -- the most serious ones apparently not going to be pursued.

The Al and Alma's charter boat debacle has made national news and, prior to the blowup of Terrell Owens in Philadelphia, it seemed to be the butt of every joke a sports-related hack could come up with.

The investigation into the incident has been completed by detectives assigned to the case, and on Thursday prosecutors began pouring over the evidence to determine if charges are going to be filed.

The case being made is under the jurisdiction of the prosecutor's office of the Lake Minnetonka Conservation District -- no strangers to bringing charges against baudy partygoers on one of Minnesota's most popular and well-traveled lakes.

One important note is that the LMCD prosecutes misdemeanor crimes -- an indication that no felony charges are forthcoming. In the aftermath of the incident, there was talk that since a high-end call girl service allegedly had been used and strippers/prostitutes were brought in from other parts of the country, that those involved with paying for their travel and lodging could be subject to felony transporting charges for the commission of a crime. However, the recommendations from the detectives didn't include supporting felony charges in the case.

A decision will likely be made in the next week to announce what (if any) charges are going to be filed, but as it stands now, it looks as though any charges that might be filed will be on the lines of disorderly conduct type of charges -- which will be subject to a fine and likely no jail time.

* The turmoil in Detroit continues. Earlier this week, following the firing of Steve Mariucci, cornerback Dre Bly took a direct shot at quarterback Joey Harrington -- saying if he had played better, Mariucci would still be coaching. While Bly apologized to his teammates -- not specifically to Harrington -- interim head coach Dick Jauron seemed to support the theory by making one of his first decisions being to bench Harrington in favor of Jeff Garcia. VU has been told that Garcia is not 100 percent healthy and, if hit hard early, might not be fit enough to finish the game.
* The Lions are supposed to be a better rushing team than the Vikings, but through 11 games, the Vikings have rushed 271 times for 1,006 yards, while the Lions have rushed 284 times for 1,002 yards -- two of the lowest totals in the NFL.
* The Lions have allowed four return touchdowns this season -- the Vikings have scored five TDs on returns of kicks, picks and punts.
* The Vikings' return TDs are one more touchdown than the team has had rushing this season.
* Both players who lead their respective teams in receptions -- Jermaine Wiggins and Shawn Bryson -- have yet to score a receiving touchdown.
* Roy Williams has just 27 receptions this year, but five of them have been touchdowns.

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