Kluwe Out For Sunday

The Vikings are going to hold a casting call today for replacing Chris Kluwe, whose biggest injury concern isn't the sprained ankle he suffered Sunday.

From the moaning that Chris Kluwe did Sunday, one would have thought that his left ankle was broken. As it turned out, his ankle is the least of his problems.

Kluwe is going to miss Sunday's game with the Rams and possibly longer due to an injury to his right knee -- suffered earlier in Sunday's game with the Lions.

At this point, if Kluwe is going to miss more than just one game, the possibility exists that the Vikings would place him on injured reserve to save a roster spot.

The Vikings will conduct a three-man casting call today with Leo Araguz, Nick Murphy and Darren Bennett vying for the job. A winner will likely be signed by the end of business today.

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