Can Moss Be a Leader?

Mike Tice is expecting Randy Moss to be team leader. The question is can he do it after a checkered early career in the NFL?

Randy Moss has been many things since joining the NFL -- a supreme talent, a marginal blocker and, in some instances, a head case.

But, according to head coach Mike Tice, that is going to change this year. Unlike previous seasons, when Moss would go into seclusion at Cris Carter's compound, along with Carter, Daunte Culpepper and several other players, he has been at Winter Park all off-season -- building closer relationships with the players and being...well...a leader.

Moss was mentoring younger players at mini-camp and, while expected to be involved in as much as 50 percent of the pass plays thrown by the team, he is taking on the responsibility of being a team player who helps show younger players the ropes of the game.

Although Moss and Carter had a strained relationship at the end of C.C.'s tenure with the Vikings, he did a great job of showing Moss the potential pitfalls that could affect a young player, especially one like Moss who brought some personal baggage to the table.

If Moss can become the leader Tice envisions, he has every chance of being the complete player so many of us think he can be and could get himself back on track to be a perrenial Pro Bowler and future Hall of Famer.

However, to his skeptics, the jury is still out and far from making a positive decision.

* The New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs are the two latest teams to enter into the running to get Jacksonville WR Keenan McCardell when he is expected to be released after June 1. McCardell has drawn interest from more than a half-dozen teams, including the Vikings, but we're told the Vikings will back off if a bidding war ensues.
* Another veteran WR rumored to be on the Vikings wish list if things fall through with Derrick Alexander is Green Bay's Antonio Freeman. However, our peeps with the Pack say Brett Favre has made a personal appeal to his longtime top receiver to accept a pay cut and stay with the Packers for another year.
* All of us at VU would like to wish all the moms, daughters and grandmothers out there a Happy Mother's Day.

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