Players Won't Miss Sunday

The Vikings don't plan to suspend any of the four Vikings players charged in October's boat scandal ... at least not now.

The embarrassment of the Vikings boat party from early October was all the rage on the national news programs in early November, as local TV stations competed to get the best exclusives and be the one with the juiciest story.

The didn't need to compete on Thursday, as the Hennepin County sheriff laid out the story in such graphic detail the police report looked more akin to a letter to Penthouse Forum.

Two of the four players charged -- Daunte Culpepper and Moe Williams -- are already on injured reserve. Two others -- Bryant McKinnie and Fred Smoot -- won't face immediate disciplinary action. But all four could be subject to some form of team punishment.

Owner Zygi Wilf promised that, once the process is completed, he will examine the facts of the case -- which is still ongoing -- and make a decision, which could include suspending the offending players or as far as potentially releasing them.

Head coach Mike Tice said the media should refrain in a rush to judgment. In his statement that he wouldn't discuss the boat matter, Tice said "allegations and charges aren't convictions" -- translated to mean the team and he won't execute disciplinary action until the legal process is played out.

The first court appearance for the four players is scheduled for Jan. 5.

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