Two In Pro Bowl, Two Close

The Vikings celebrated the selection of Darren Sharper and Koren Robinson to the Pro Bowl, but were disappointed with the lack of inclusion of a pair of other players who were keys to the Vikings season.

The Vikings were pleased to announce that two of their players -- Darren Sharper and Koren Robinson -- were named to the Pro Bowl, but there was also some question why Pat Williams was snubbed.

While the Vikings also thought Antoine Winfield should be named to the Pro Bowl, the fan vote didn't jibe with that assertion. But, Williams got a full-blown snub -- at least if you take into account what the fans believed should happen.

Pat Williams was third in the fan vote with 116,798 votes -- behind Rod Coleman (307,839) and La'Roi Glover (164,773). Sharper finished second in the safety voting with 183,502 votes -- behind Philly's Brian Dawkins (193,166). Koren Robinson got just 62,479 votes and was named, despite having one-third as many votes as Willie Ponder.

The fan vote counts one-third of the votes, with coaches and players determining the other two thirds of the vote.

* Special teams coach Rusty Tillman had some high praise for Robinson, saying, "He's been the best I've ever had back there" -- which is saying something considering Tillman has coached 18 years.
* The last time the Vikings had a higher-ranked defense than offense was in 1993. The offense is currently ranked 26th in the league, while the defense is 24th.
* The Vikings and Anoka County agreed to extend their current proposed stadium package to at least the middle of the summer of 2006. Originally, the agreement between the county and Zygi Wilf was set to expire Dec. 31.
* The team promoted WR Chris Jones to the 53-man roster to replace Darren Bennett and signed LB Phil Archer to the practice squad.
* Chris Kluwe finished fourth in fan voting for punters.

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