Happy Free Holidays from VikingUpdate.com

If it's the time of year to be giving, then we'll give you thousands of free stories to look at from the past year. Take a weekend-long free trial of VikingUpdate.com and the other NFL and college sites on the Scout.com network. Happy Holidays!

Have you heard? According to three out of four radio stations surveyed, it's the most wonderful time of the year.

With that, VikingUpdate.com and Scout.com are combining to offer all of our users free access to all the stories on the VikingUpdate.com site and throughout the Scout.com network this weekend, Friday through Sunday. Take the time to kick the tires of our weekly coverage, as well digging into our archives.

While this might be the most wonderful time of the year for family life and football playoffs, the users at VikingUpdate.com seem to enjoy the offseason at least as much as the regular season, if not more. It's the time for renewed hope and thousands of possibilities in free agency, the draft, coaching and personnel turnover, and the first look at new players in uniform throughout the developmental camps.

VikingUpdate.com keeps you apprised of all the offseason speculation with coverage of the Senior Bowl, the NFL Combine in February and Pro Days throughout the late winter as we lead into the draft. Which pro days were Vikings scouts spotted at and which college players did they seem most interested in? It's a fun time for speculation, and we'll keep you informed throughout the process. There are also plenty of possibilities as free agency kicks off, and we'll follow which players are available, which ones would fit with the Vikings and which other teams those players are visiting.

With that in mind, check out our draft portal from the 2005 draft day and the rankings and speculation leading into it, as well as our free agency portal from last year. No doubt, the Vikings will have some interesting decisions to make this offseason with an estimated $20 million under the salary cap and more than a dozen of their own free agents to consider. We hope you'll join us throughout the building of the 2006 team, but first take a look at what is there to offer on VikingUpdate.com, plus the other NFL team sites on the network, including the NFL Draft site (already cranking out the rankings and bowl previews and the college sites in the network.

Go ahead, work off that extra turkey or ham by clicking your way around VikingUpdate.com and Scout.com all weekend long.

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