Fed-Ex Drops Off Daunte

The first financial fallout of the October boat scandal has come back to bite Daunte Culpepper as Federal Express has dumped Culpepper from one of its promotional campaigns.

The fallout of the Vikings boat scandal hit Daunte Culpepper in his wallet -- as Federal Express announced that it is discontinuing ads containing Culpepper from future airing.

While Culpepper maintains his innocence, this is another sign that the scandal has had national and international implications. On a recent morning radio show, an e-mail was read from a listener in London, who stated the boat scandal has been the butt of jokes as far away as England.

Culpepper had positioned himself to be not only the face of the franchise, but a marketing spokesman as well. This could be the first sign that, until he is either found not guilty in court or has the charges dropped, Culpepper's cache as a spokesman for companies will be greatly diminished if not destroyed.

* Corey Chavous, who was added to the injury report this week with a high ankle sprain, struggled through practice yesterday and was replaced by good Will Hunter for much of practice. If he can't go, Hunter will see extra time and Brian Williams will move to safety as an emergency replacement.
* Marcus Johnson has been ruled out for Sunday's game. He will be replaced by former starter Mike Rosenthal.
* Melvin Fowler took part in some of Thursday's practice, but Cory Withrow took most of the snaps with the first team and will likely start Sunday.
* All of at at VU would like to send our condolences to the family of Tony Dungy. In his time in Minnesota, VU veterans that got to know Dungy already knew what the rest of the world is finding out today -- that he is a kind, decent man who doesn't deserve the agony he and his family are going through after the death of his son. Our prayers and thoughts go out to Tony and his family during this sad time.

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