2006 Free Agent Running Backs

With Michael Bennett scheduled for free agency and a new offense being implemented, the Vikings are likely in the market for another experienced running back. We take a look at those NFL backs scheduled for free agency, and there are a number of intriguing prospects out there.

2006 Free Agent Running Backs
A listing of the inside linebackers scheduled for NFL free agency in 2006. UFA=Unrestricted Free Agent; RFA=Restricted Free Agent. For definitions of free-agent terms, click here. Listed alphabetically by team.
Player Free-Agent Type 2005 Team
J.R. Redmond UFA Arizona Cardinals
James Jackson UFA Arizona Cardinals
Jamal Lewis UFA Baltimore Ravens
Chester Taylor UFA Baltimore Ravens
DeShaun Foster UFA Carolina Panthers
Kenny Watson UFA Cincinnati Bengals
Ron Dayne UFA Denver Broncos
Shawn Bryson UFA Detroit Lions
Ahman Green UFA Green Bay Packers
Tony Fisher UFA Green Bay Packers
Najeh Davenport UFA Green Bay Packers
Jon Wells UFA Houston Texans
James Mungro UFA Indianapolis Colts
Edgerrin James UFA Indianapolis Colts
Travis Minor UFA Miami Dolphins
Sammy Morris UFA Miami Dolphins
Michael Bennett UFA Minnesota Vikings
Moe Williams UFA Minnesota Vikings
Anthony Thomas UFA New Orleans Saints
Antowain Smith UFA New Orleans Saints
Mike Cloud UFA New York Giants
Lamar Gordon UFA Philadelphia Eagles
Vernon Haynes UFA Pittsburgh Steelers
Maurice Morris UFA Seattle Seahawks
Shaun Alexander UFA Seattle Seahawks
Aveion Cason UFA St. Louis Rams
Musa Smith RFA Baltimore Ravens
Artose Pinner RFA Detroit Lions
LaBrandon Toefield RFA Jacksonville Jaguars
Reno Mahe RFA Philadelphia Eagles
Arlen Harris RFA St. Louis Rams

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