G.M. Interviews Underway

The Vikings have re-opened interviews for the team's general manager position -- fueling the fire of the team's critics who say the process was done backwards.

The Vikings' first attempt to land a general manager was scuttled by the Eagles stepping up and taking their first candidate off the board by naming Tom Heckert the new general mnager in Philadelphia. As the second round of wooing heats up in Minnesota, some Vikings critics claim the Vikings are doing the process backwards.

Since most coaches answer to the team's general manager, it seems to some a bit strange that Vikings coach Brad Childress will be part of the interview process. Childress sat in on the first G.M. interviews -- conduted Tuesday with former Dolphins G.M. Rick Spielman -- and is expected to sit it on other interviews.

At present, the team has made contact with former Atlanta G.M. Ron Hill, but that could be expanded to include Broncos Director of Pro Personnel Rick Smith.

Unlike the coaching search, the push for a general manager could extend out a couple of weeks instead of the lightning fast process that brought Childress to the team.

* Sporting News Radio quoted an unnamed Vikings source as saying the team might be willing to peddle Daunte Culpepper to the highest bidder. The reason? Not his injury, but the question as to whether he can play effectively in a West Coast Offense.
* From the "Go to Mel" Department comes this: The king of the helmet hair Mel Kiper has released his initial mock draft for the 2006 draft. His first choice for the Vikings? USC running back Len-Dale White -- a choice VU heartily endorses.

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