Loving the Triangle

As the Vikings continue to build an organization in Zygi Wilf's image, it also is going to have a top management structure that will include three key component parts Wilf is calling the Triangle of Authority.

Whenever someone is successful in business, others find a way to copy it or incorporate it into their own venture.

As a successful businessman, Zygi Wilf has found success with he called the Triangle of Authority. Wilf, who found his riches in land development, did so with what he terms a triangle of authority, a program he has brought to the Vikings.

Unlike a pyramid scheme, where all the power is concentrated on the top point of a triangle, the Wilf business model actually has four components -- with Wilf and his brother Mark being in the middle of the triangle, but delegating most of the authority to the three points.

Two of the three points are already in place. Rob Brzezinski is in charge of financial matters, making sure that the players and the working of the salary cap are in place. New coach Brad Childress is the second point -- in charge of assembling the talent needed to make his offensive and defensive systems work. The third point of the triangle has yet to be filled in -- that of the head of college recruitment. That person would likely have final say on draft matters. Aside from in-house candidates Scott Studwell and Jeff Robinson, the Vikings are also considering Tom Dimitroff of the Patriots organization, Fran Foley of the Chargers, Rick Speilman of Miami, Charlie Bailey of the Jaguars and Rick Smith of Denver. Smith can't be contacted, however, until after the Broncos are eliminated -- which may not happen until after the Super Bowl.

Will the system be successful? Only time will tell if the move is as successful with the Vikings as it has been for the Wilf family business, but the one certainty is that the organization will have structure and clearly defined roles -- preventing any single individual from weilding too much power. If that can help avoid power struggles, the Triangle of Authority could turn out to be a management version of the West Coast Offense -- if it works here it could be copied leaguewide.

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