2006 Free Agent Defensive Tackles

The Vikings' starters at defensive tackle are set with Kevin Williams and Pat Williams, but the way Minnesota scouts were watching the defensive line at the Senior Bowl indicates there is still interest in upgrading that unit.

2006 Free Agent Defensive Tackles
A listing of the inside linebackers scheduled for NFL free agency in 2006. UFA=Unrestricted Free Agent; RFA=Restricted Free Agent. For definitions of free-agent terms, click here. Listed alphabetically by team.
Player Free-Agent Type 2005 Team
Russell Davis UFA Arizona Cardinals
Ross Kolodziej UFA Arizona Cardinals
Ma'ake Kemoeatu UFA Baltimore Ravens
Ron Edwards UFA Buffalo Bills
Willie Blade UFA Dallas Cowboys
Monsanta Pope UFA Denver Broncos
Grady Jackson UFA Green Bay Packers
Larry Tripplett UFA Indianapolis Colts
Lional Dalton UFA Kansas City Chiefs
Steve Martin UFA Minnesota Vikings
Kendrick Clancy UFA New York Giants
James Reed UFA New York Jets
Kenny Smith UFA Oakland Raiders
Ed Jasper UFA Oakland Raiders
Terdell Sands UFA Oakland Raiders
Rocky Bernard UFA Seattle Seahawks
Travis Hall UFA San Francisco 49ers
Damione Lewis UFA St. Louis Rams
Ryan Pickett UFA St. Louis Rams
Chris Hovan UFA Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Cedrick Killings UFA Washington Redskins
Kenny King RFA Arizona Cardinals
Antwan Lake RFA Atlanta Falcons
Aubrayo Franklin RFA Baltimore Ravens
Jordan Carstens RFA Carolina Panthers
Ethan Kelley RFA Cleveland Browns
Cullen Jenkins RFA Green Bay Packers
Kenny Peterson RFA Green Bay Packers
Kenderick Allen RFA New York Giants
Brandon Green RFA St. Louis Rams

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