Houston, You Have a Problem

In the land of the Texans, Houston fans are trying to justify who to take with their first-round pick. It's unclear if new coach Gary Kubiak is on board, but one solution could be what the Texans top brass was looking at last year.

Any time you have the first pick in the NFL draft, it's a sign that you've hit bottom. In some instances, like the Chargers from a couple of years ago, it can be a short-term demise. In others, like the Niners from last year, it has more of a long-term feel to it.

So it is that the Houston Texans have the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft three months from now. The questions are already being tossed out whether to go for hometown hero Vince Young or snap up USC's Reggie Bush. There are drawbacks to both -- the Texans have already invested heavily in QB David Carr and RB Dominick Davis. Enter the Vikings, stage left.

About a week ago, VU was posed a question by a Texans beat writer about Davis. The crux of the question was whether new Vikings coach Brad Childress was enamored with the idea of a Brian Westbrook-type running back in the Vikings offense? If so, the Vikings could be the ideal trade partner for the Texans.

The scouting department for the Texans had designs on taking Troy Williamson in the draft last year and the Vikings scuttled those plans by making Williamson a surprise selection at No. 7 overall. The team liked Williamson as an ideal complement to big, physical Andre Johnson, but that plan was shot down when he went off the board to the Vikings.

It's the feeling around Houston that if Young is the choice, Carr has to go. But if Bush is the pick, Davis just as likely has to go since he signed a big contract just two years ago and the No. 1 overall pick will command a ton of cash to get signed. The Vikings might make the perfect dance partner for the Texans.

While this may sound like simply a concocted rumor, VU's being told there may be considerably more validity to this deal and it would likely require both teams to move relatively quickly once free agency begins or even before. The Vikings are going to be looking for a running back, whether in free agency or the draft, and the Texans have multiple needs on both sides of the ball. With money to spend, both teams are likely to be free agent players and getting that piece of business done -- a running back for the Vikings and clearing out the competition for the Texans -- would likely have to get done early.

While several other parameters will have to fall into place, this is a proposed trade that could have win-win possibilities for both teams -- giving the Vikings the running back they need to make Brad Childress' system work and giving the Texans a speed receiver and clearing the way for another Bush to make a run in Texas.

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