Vikings Court Dates Set

Four Vikings players that were allegedly involved in lewd activities on the now infamous boat scandal had their court dates announced Thursday.

The now-famous Al and Alma's boat scandal that put the Vikings on the national news scene for all the wrong reasons is something many in the Vikings organization wish would just go away.

That hasn't happened, but the end does appear to be in sight. Four players that were charged in the incident received their court dates Thursday in Hennepin County court.

Daunte Culpepper and Moe Williams will be tried together starting April 18. The decision was made because, according to Williams' attorney, the media attention surrounding whomoever was on trial intially would likely prejudice a jury in the cases that followed.

"The publicity would have been high on the first person tried," said Joe Friedberg, an attorney representing Williams. "The second tried would then be at a substantial advantage or disadvantage. We wouldn't take that chance."

Two other players got their court dates set as well. Fred Smoot will have his case heard May 2 -- the week following the 2006 draft. Bryant McKinnie will have his case heard May 22.

Several employees from Al and Alma's are expected to testify against the players and there has been discussion that some current and former Vikings may be subpoened to testify for the prosecution.

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