Pepp Lauds Moon

It's been nearly impossible to get comments from Daunte Culpepper this offseason, but when he feels compelled to speak he does. He did this weekend when Warren Moon was selected to join the Hall of Fame.

Tracking down Daunte Culpepper for an in-depth interview by the local media has been about as easy as the U.S. military finding Osama bin Laden. Since he knee injury last October, Culpepper has virtually disappeared.

That changed briefly last weekend after Warren Moon was inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. In an e-mail sent to the local media by Culpepper, he praised Moon's contribution to the game and his role as an African American quarterback in the NFL.

"I am truly proud of the fact that he is the first African American quarterback elected to this exclusive club," Culpepper said in the statement. "It is encourgaging to see that his awesome career is being acknowledged. Warren Moon has blazed the trail and set the standard for those of us who have set our own sights on reaching pro football's highest honor."

In his brief acceptance speech Saturday, Moon mentioned Culpepper among the quarterbacks that have followed in his footsteps.

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