Sunday Scuttlebutt

With the 2005 NFL season officially ending today, the rumor mill will start grinding out copy in full force in the coming days and weeks. Here's a start-up group of notes and comments being heard by VU staff.

Some Sunday news tidbits to chew on and believe or disbelieve as you see fit:

* Brad Childress is a fan of Daunte Culpepper. In the QB intensive 1999 draft that produced five first-round quarterbacks, Childress was impressed with what Culpepper was able to do and him ranked as the No. 2 QB in the draft behind Donovan McNabb.

* Dueling RB rumors are in force: Coming out of the Senior Bowl, the Vikings were said to be hot on the trail of Memphis RB DeAngelo Williams. But, word out of Seattle is that the Vikings are preparing to make a strong push for Shaun Alexander if he makes it into free agency without having re-signed a long-term deal with the Seahawks.

* In the college football world, there are some folks at UCLA that have no love for the Vikings. The Vikes added Eric Bienenmy to their coaching staff, taking him away from the Bruins. Not only was Bienemy the running backs coach at UCLA, he was also their recruiting coordinator -- where his upbeat, positive approach to coaching was key to getting players on the fence to choose the Bruins.

* Duluth is preparing a proposal to be the Vikings training camp host site.

* The defense currently being called the Dungy Defense with the Cover 2 base is going to be incorporated by three more teams this year -- the Vikings, Bills and Lions. Childress has been quoted as saying much of the Bears rapid ascent to the top of the NFC North is credited with the Cover 2 defense they adopted from the system devised by Tony Dungy. It helps younger players acclimate themselves to the system more easily than most other defenses. But, it was also noted that the Vikings will likely be looking for speedier linebackers in free agency and the draft.

* The Vikings raised about $40,000 at yesterday's Arctic Blast event on Lake Mille Lacs.

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