Brown Plea Overturned

Former Vikings running back Ted Brown is going to face a jury over allegations of sexual assault after an appeals court ruled his original plea bargain should not have been approved by the presiding judge.

Former Vikings running back Ted Brown appears to be heading to trial after all in his third-degree sexual assault case in Mille Lacs County stemming from the 2003 Arctic Blast fundraiser. A three-judge panel at the Minnesota court of appeals ruled Tuesday that Brown should not have been granted a plea agreement.

When the case was scheduled to go to trial in 2005, the presiding judge called attorneys for both sides together to discuss a potential plea bargain. While a reduced charge was accepted, it was contingent on the alleged victim signing off. When she refused, the prosecutors said no to the plea offer, but the judge let the ruling stand.

The latest ruling means that the case will be sent back to Mille Lacs County and put on the schedule for trial. Brown and his attorneys have up to 30 days to appeal the decision to the state supreme court.

Brown admits to having sex with the alleged victim, but said it was consentual and that no bolidy harm or injury was done by him. Under the previous agreement, Brown would have been included under Alford rulings -- which maintain the innocence of a defendant but acknowledges that enough evidence exists that he could have been found guilty.

Brown's lawyer said Tuesday that they anticipate a "positive outcome" if the case ends up going to trial.

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