You've Got E-Mail

Whether real or imagined, Daunte Culpepper's growing fascination with getting his word out via e-mail included a rambling statement Thursday that seemed to indicate that he's either going to be a Viking this fall or he's being lied to.

Daunte Culpepper doesn't have an agent to be his mouthpiece anymore and isn't using his rumor-filled status as trade bait to up his price. In fact, in an e-mail sent to media outlets Thursday, Pepp claims he's not on the trading block.

In his second e-mail statement in less than a week, Culpepper claimed that the Vikings assured him that they "have not yet spoken to other teams about trading me." With substantiated reports stating the Vikings have discussed a trade with, at a minimum, the Ravens and Dolphins, Pepp's assessment would seem to smack in the face of that logic.

In his statement, Culpepper said that from the time he was injured last October, he realized that his contract will be reviewed by the team on an annual basis, but added that, until he is traded, he will remain a Viking and prepare for the 2006 season as though he's going to remain in Minnesota.

"Each year that I'm paid to play is a gift," Culpepper said. "I expect that if there are no changes to my present contract that I should prepare for a year-to-year commitment. When I'm ready to hit the field this year -- wherever it may be -- I plan on being better than ever and enjoying the ride."

The only remaining questions would seem to be when that will be and what color uniform he'll be wearing when that happens.

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