What's Up with D.A. Contract?

Conflicting reports have surfaced on Alexander's contract money.

When a team announces a deal and the phrase "terms were not disclosed" accompany it, there is always a process of tracking down the numbers that reporters have to go through.

So it was Friday when the Vikings signed Derrick Alexander. Terms weren't immediately announced, but it didn't take long to determine that it was a three-year deal worth a total of $5.1 million.

However, getting a handle on the amount -- if any -- of the signing bonus has been more difficult and resulting in some widely divergent reports coming out.

When VU asked about it, we weren't given a committal answer, but were left with the belief that there is about $1 million in bonus money there. One published report listed the signing bonus at $1.17 million -- a pretty exact figure that one wouldn't think was pulled out of the air.

Yet now reports are coming out that the signing bonus issue may be tied into guaranteed money -- $2 million of the total value of the contract is assured. Also, VU has been told Alexander could make an additional $400,000 in each of the three years of the deal if he meets incentive levels set in the contract.

Confused? It's easy when so many different possibilities are being thrown around as being the right one. VU will keep chasing down the money men with the Vikings to see if any of these scenarios is actually correct.

* The Vikings weren't able to give Derrick Alexander the No. 82 that he's worn his entire NFL career. That number was already given to D'Wayne Bates -- Alexander has been given No. 85. But word is Alexander may try to swing a trade of his own and possibly buy back his old No. 82.
* The coaching staff has been wowed this weekend by safety Kyries Hebert and are talking him up as a potential starter -- not bad for an undrafted free agent.
* Part of Alexander's contract calls for him to stay in Minnesota this summer and work on his conditioning. He confirmed to VU Saturday that he hasn't worked out since January and isn't close to being in top football shape right now.

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