Pepp Gone

Daunte Culpepper's personal website has received many hits in the last few days. In the coming weeks, his bandwidth will grow. His exodus from the Vikings isn't yet official, but it's unofficially official.

For the last several hours of Thursday evening, rumors were running rampant that Daunte Culpepper has been traded. In efforts to confirm or deny, VU got a hit – and was told to get the answer at the source.

As with any good info, confirmation is needed. Daunte himself did that for us. At his personal website,, if you hit it, you will get the dish. All you'll see is "Version 2 – Coming Soon."

That says enough. All those No. 84 jerseys your friends and family aren't wearing, add No. 11 to the pile. It shouldn't have been this way. But it is.

As soon as we have specifics, we'll pass it along. But, Version 2 – as it is going to be called – better step up. Pepp got his wish. The Vikings have a trade partner. What he does with it from here is his legacy – for better or worse.

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