Vikes Extend Hutchinson Offer

The Vikings showed how serious they were about getting free agent Steve Hutchinson. Now the question is whether the Seahawks want him as badly.

The Vikings have extended the biggest free agent contract in team history to a player from outside the organization. The question now is will he be coming or not.

The Vikings have offered Seahawks All-Pro guard Steve Hutchinson a seven-year contract worth $49 million. There is no initial word how much of the money is going to be in the form of a signing bonus, but it likely will be in the $10 million range. $16 million of the contract is said to be guaranteed, so an eight-figure signing bonus can logically be assumed.

Hutchinson arrived in the Twin Cities yesterday and the Vikings made their case today why he should come to Minnesota to finish his career -- or least the next seven years. By mid-afternoon, numbers were put on the table and the offer sheet was signed.

The Seahawks have seven days to match the offer. If they don't, the Vikings will get Hutchinson officially next Sunday. Seattle can match the offer or decline as quickly or slowly as they see fit over the next seven days.

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