Culpepper In Town to Testify

Daunte Culpepper will actually speak in Minnesota today -- not to reporters, but to a judge at a pre-trial hearing in an attempt get charges against him dropped.

For months, Daunte Culpepper has said nothing about the infamous boat excursion last October -- other than to say he was innocent of the charge. That's going to change today.

Culpepper is expected to testify today to his non-involvement in the lewd conduct charges that were filed against him and three other Vikings players.

The pre-trial hearing is to determine whether there is enough evidence to proceed with a criminal trial. Culpepper has strongly denied that he had anything to do with the charges, which in his case essentially boils down to being accused of getting a lap dance.

The attorneys for Culpepper and RB Moe Williams have argued that the pair did nothing wrong and were targeted because of their race, adding that non-African Americans (including boat employees) were known to have been engaged in more serious acts than either Culpepper or Williams were accused of and no charges were filed.

* The guaranteed money in Steve Hutchinson's contract is the most given to a Vikings player other than the deal signed by Randy Moss four years ago.
* Head coach Brad Childress said he is no longer going to answer questions concerning trading Culpepper, saying that chapter in his coaching saga is over. Childress made national news earlier this week when he compared the Culpepper situation to his relationship with troubled wide receiver Terrell Owens.
* Vikings Hall of Famer Carl Eller pled guilty to fourth-degree drunken driving Tuesday.
* The Vikings may have had an interest in free agent QB Brian Griese, but, perhaps sensing that, the Bears snapped him up Tuesday.

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