Is Johnson Next?

The Vikings have shown a lot of players the money during the last month. The same might be in line for Brad Johnson.

The Vikings have taken advantage of their favorable salary cap position during the free agent period to help themselves at several positions. But, as coach Brad Childress proclaims the first wave of free agency a done deal, there may be another deal yet to be done.

When the Vikings signed QB Brad Johnson, the intent was to have him as a backup for Daunte Culpepper -- in effect Daunte insurance. A year later, Culpepper is gone and Johnson heads into the 2006 season as the unquestioned leader of the offense.

The deal Johnson signed is really no longer valid. He's not the backup. He's the starter and is deserving of starter's money. While nothing has been said outwardly, the Vikings shoudl be working to re-do Johnson's contract to put him more in line with the money veteran starters are paid as opposed to veteran backups.

Over the next couple of weeks, the restructuring of his contract should start. Whether or not that actually happens is another matter. Unlike guys like Chad Pennington and Steve McNair, where the word "restructured" means taking much less money, Johnson should be in line for a bigger payday.

Like it or not, Johnson is now the face of the franchise on offense. His pay stubs should reflect that.

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